Tapovan is a Sanskrit word derived from Tapasya (Spiritual Practice) and Vana (Forest or wilderness). Rishis or sadhus (Sages) of ancient India would engage in serious spiritual meditation in seclusion from the materialistic world. The sages for the fulfillment of this mammoth task would abandon their homes and dwell into caves and forests isolated from any form of distraction. These sacred caves and forests came to be called Tapovan (forest of spiritual practice).

We welcome you to Tapovan Green County Resorts, a divine haven, here you get a chance to be one with Mother Nature; to sanctify yourself, to liberate your senses from the torment of everyday life and indulge in your innate desire for inner peace.

Be enamoured with the pampering you are destined to receive, the world class amenities and top notch personnel, aiding you through your transformation to a better you. Here you will be able to dissolve all those delusional idiosyncrasies, and come in terms with rigid austerity.
Leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed for days to come.

Tapovan Green County Resorts is located at Thattekad; the sacred abode for exotic birds. The rare emulsion of flora and fauna, painted perfectly, on the breathtaking landscape of the woody valleys and serpentine Periyar River, all culminating to one masterpiece. A painting truly created by the ‘Creator’ himself, a visual appeal you would cherish and keep to your heart till eternity.

The cool weather and seclusion from the buzzing city life, just added treats you would love to have.
The traditional Kerala style architecture, collaborated with the phenomenal Thattekad backdrop will give the guests the king like experience.

Every minute detail carefully handled, to give you a once in the life time experience which will make you crave for more. Such an amalgam of architecture and environment is really hard to come by,
a symphony you will yearn for, a paradise that you would die for.

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